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Fractional CMO services for healthy growth with strong cash flow.

Expert marketing leadership to help you increase revenue.

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Clear objectives and measurable results. Quickly.

My Fractional CMO Services


Systematically identify, evaluate, and prioritize the various critical elements that collectively guide how your company will promote its products and services to achieve its business goals.

for results

We generate measurable healthy growth results by translating marketing strategies into actions. My structured approach helps you implement marketing strategies effectively.


I can manage, grow, and mentor your in-house team or develop a network of freelance experts to help with necessary marketing tasks, coding, reporting and analysis.


My 10-step process helps you quickly implement strategies and activities aimed at increasing the revenue generated from the sale of products or services within your business.

Your Benefits

Healthy Profitable Growth

Grow revenue with effective strategies and tactics that comprehensively address your marketing needs. My unwavering focus is on bringing you strong, sustainable growth with great cash flow.

Cost Effectiveness

Gain world-class marketing leadership without the costs associated with a full time employee. You get expertise, experience, and commitment without the costs and benefits for an employee.

Flexibility and Scalability

Scale your marketing efforts up depending upon your needs. Use me for launches, specific projects, or on-going marketing needs. My services are ideal for companies in need of world class help without full-time costs.

Testimonials from customers

About Me

Hi. My name is Brian Offenberger. Instead of sending you to my LinkedIn profile, let me share with you what drives me.

I’m purpose driven. I’m focused on working with people who share the same values and integrity as mine, and I’m driven to work on solutions that make sense in today’s world.

I make things happen. New challenges, growth, and improvement keep me excited and focused. I like the spirit of creating new and valuable things. I like completing things successfully.

I’m a facilitator. I connect individuals to create high performing teams. I create environments for people to succeed and hold them accountable for their input.

I like working with small businesses and startups. Large brands and corporate speak turn me off. I prefer working with small business entrepreneurs driven to accomplish great things while changing the world and their lives.

I like to laugh. I take what I do seriously. I bring commitment and passion to what I do. I like to smile, laugh, and have fun along the way.

I look forward to hearing your objectives to see if I would be a good fit for your business. Please schedule a quick call so we can get to know each other better.

Fractional CMO For Hire | Brian Offenberger

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Fractional Sales Manager

Keynote Marketing Speaker

Certified eMarketing Specialist

Certified SEO

Certified Conversion Optimization

Certified Local SEO

Certified Data Analytics

Founder of B Street Local Agency

Founder of Budtenders Club

Past Regional Director Siemens

My Marketing Expertise.

Content Marketing
Web Design & Development
Course Development
Email Marketing
Online Communities
Social Media
Video Marketing
Paid Ads
Affiliate Marketing
Marketing Automation
Virtual Events
Text Message Marketing

Answers to common questions

Fractional CMO is a marketing executive that helps you shape, implement, and evaluate strategies and actions to help with customer acquisition, sales development, and company growth. Your company gets executive experience without the full-time cost.

A fractional CMO can help your company with healthy, profitable growth. Fractional CMOs are ideal for companies without the capital to bring in high priced, full-time, world class talent. It’s a low risk, lower cost way to move your business in the right direction from someone that knows how to generate results for you.

A fractional CMO can bring world class expertise to your company without the full-time cost. Fractional CMO’s are ideal to support your existing efforts, aid with specific projects, coordinate product launches, and on-going marketing leadership for your business. 

The responsibilities of a fractional CMO can be customized to the unique needs of your business. Fractional CMOs commonly work on things like defining marketing strategy, translating marketing strategy into action and results, managing, growing, and mentoring the company’s marketing team, driving sales growth, and analyzing results to optimize growth.

Fractional CMO rates are usually based on a monthly retainer model, with pricing dependent upon the scope of work and time required to perform the work. You can see pricing for my fractional CMO services here.

I’m experienced. I’ve helped companies in 42 states and 45 different verticals. My radio show about online marketing best practices was voted by marketing pros as one of the world’s best sources for search marketing information. I’m committed. I won’t take on a task I can’t perform successfully. I care about your business and treat it as if it were my own. I’m results focused. I spend time on results producing activities. I am efficient in my actions and productive with my time. I’m flexible. I use the methodologies and practices that will work best for you. Online and offline. Contact me and let’s discuss your business.

How much will it cost to work with me?

My Fractional CMO Pricing

About My

I am committed to taking the time necessary to understand your business and to serve you as one of my select premium clients. The more we work together, the more you will benefit. I work to provide value – not to simply collect fees. All work is done virtually, although onsite days are available at an additional fee.

Plans &

Six Month Plan: $10K/mo.

Annual Plan: $7.5K/mo.

Hourly: $200 (10 hour minimum)

Onsite Visits: $7500/day + expenses


  • Unlimited direct virtual access to me

  • Roadmap of priorities

  • Confidential input and feedback

  • Work on any business-related issues

What’s Not

  • Life coaching

  • Executive skills training

  • Secretarial functions

  • Silver bullets/miracles
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